Suresh Shrestha

Suresh Shrestha

Kathmandu-15, Nepal

PHP Developer, CashOnAd Pvt Ltd


I have been professionally working with PHP since June 2013 and with Symfony 2.* since February 2014. I love to solve new challenges.

Suresh Shrestha is a member of the community since February 2014.

Projects - 4

  • FOSUserBundle

    Ready to use boilerplate for FOSUserBundle( configured in Symfony2.5.1(

  • knp-menu

    Ready to use boilerplate for KnpMenuBundle( configured in symfony2.5.1(

  • sf2_jobeet

    Standard Jobeet project in Symfony 2.0.11.

  • SonataAdminBundle

    Ready to use boilerplate for SonataAdminBundle( configured in Symfony2.5.1(

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