Mario Pajanil jr

Mario Pajanil jr

Basco, Philippines



I am a 4th year student at the Batanes State College. I was first introduce to programming when i was a 1st year student and it was Turbo C. I found it boring but because its one of my subject, i did my best at it.i was one of the best in our class for being able to submit all the requirements our professor has given us. then on my 2nd year, we met Java. At first sight it was a very nice programming language and i liked it. After the whole semester, i was also one of the best programmer in our class. then came C++ then Visual Fox Pro. Well although i was one of the best in our class from all of those programming language, i consider my self as a total beginner in all of those language and was never proud of what i have done. Then now came php, i thought it was same same like the others. At first it was just like ill do whatever our professor told us but then i found the features and the community so large and friendly. Then i dig further and saw frameworks,mvc, and lots of stuffs. Even though the other languages has large community also and some awesome features, there something in php that got me. So now here I am at symfony, which i my first framework and I hope i can get the best of it.

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