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Dealer Bodo Glimt vs Kauno Zalgiris, 23:00 on August 27 - Cup qualifier C2

Bodo Glimt vs Kauno Zalgiris, 23:00 on August 27, C2 cup qualifier 2020/21. Reviews of the house, Bodo Glimt vs Kauno Zalgiris is most accurate.

Asian Handicap Bodo Glimt vs Kauno Zalgiris

Kauno Zalgiris is a representative from Lithuanian football, which has always been considered a low-lying region of world football. Here, it is a great honor to win tickets to the European Cup, let alone go deep.

This season also saw that after 16 years Kauno Zalgiris was able to return to the Cup C2 arena. Times have changed completely, but only one thing for sure is that the SM Tauras team is still a fuzzy chicken in this playground. From force to tactic, they cannot apply enough.

In addition, their schedule in the league is quite heavy. And with a squad lacking in depth, Mr. Garastas' army will certainly not give priority to warriors in the C2 Cup qualifier.

This has more basis when the opponent is a Bodo Glimt who is in very high form. As in the past 15 matches, they have an impressive unbeaten record. Notably, Mr. Knutsen's teachers and students won 13 victories.

Bodo Glimt comes from a rapidly emerging football scene, Norway. The clubs here are gradually asserting their position in the matches in the qualifying stage, and also aiming to regularly win tickets to the matches in the group stage. Bodo Glimt is certainly no exception.

Determined as well as high performance, Bodo Glimt is of course the more appreciated team. The selection of the winning match belongs to the hands of this team is also quite a reasonable thing.

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Over / under Bodo Glimt vs Kauno Zalgiris

At home for the past 1 year, Bodo Glimt has never fallen into a deadlock in breaking through the defense of the opponent. For them, it is obvious to score 2-3 goals in 1 match. This puts Kauno Zalgiris at high risk of losing a big gap.

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Lineup for Bodo Glimt vs Kauno Zalgiris

Bodo Glimt: Nikita Haikin, Andre Bjorkan, Marius Christopher Hoibraten, Marius Lode, Alfons Sampsted, Ulrik Saltnes, Patrick Berg, Sondre Brunstad Fet, Jens Petter Hauge, Victor Boniface, Philip Zinckernagel

Kauno Zalgiris: Deividas Mikelionis, Steven Thicot, Martynas Dapkus, Rimvydas Sadauskas, Egidijus Vaitkunas, Linas Pilibaitis, Karolis Silkaitis, Yuriy Bushman, Philip Otele, Simonas Urbys, Emmanuel David

Recently, Bodo Glimt vs Kauno Zalgiris on the other hand, had a terrible day

Kauno Zalgiris has never won away from the European arena

Bodo Glimt scored 19 goals in the last 5 matches playing at home

Predict the score Bodo Glimt vs Kauno Zalgiris: 4-0

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