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Because the aluminum alloy is a metal, the heat conduction is relatively fast, so when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, the aluminum alloy can become a “bridge” for transferring heat. Door and window made by aluminium alloy has poor heat insulation performance .The thermal break aluminum is disconnected from the middle of the aluminum alloy. Xinyi Glass China uses nylon or PVC to connect the broken aluminum alloy. We know that the heat conduction of the nylon or PVC is obviously slower than that of the metal, so the heat is not easy to pass through the whole material. The thermal insulation performance is also improved.

The advantage of thermal break aluminium profile is:
1.Thermal break aluminum doors and windows have good thermal insulation. The inner and outer frames of the heat-insulating profile are softly combined, the frame is made of a rubber strip, and the double-hair strip is sealed.Airtight, watertight performance, excellent thermal insulation performance;In addition to insulated glass , which makes the window truly sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, excellent function, saves a lot of mining and cooling costs, heat transfer coefficient U value Detecting 2.23-2.94w/2K or less, the energy saving effect is remarkable
2.Waterproof function of thermal break aluminum doors and windows. The structure of the drainage system is designed by the principle of pressure balance, and the slope of the inclined design is stepped, and the drainage port is provided, the drainage is smooth, and the watertight is good.
3.Thermal break aluminum doors and windows prevent condensation. The broken aluminum profile of the bridge can realize the three-way sealing structure of the door and window, reasonably separate the water vapor chamber, and successfully achieve the pressure balance of gas and water, significantly improve the water tightness and air tightness of the door and window。
4.Thermal break aluminum door and window anti-mosquito screen design. Invisible screens, can be installed inside and outside, with anti-mosquito, flies, especially suitable for many mosquitoes in the north.
5.Thermal break aluminum door and window anti-theft, anti-loose device. Equipped with a standard hardware lock to ensure the stability and safety of the window in use.
6.Thermal break alumin

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