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Coffee, originally when in the stage of being a green bean, is extremely hard and bitter in smell and taste. So to transform the coffee from this to the aromatic brown coffee beans, roasting is an essential step. Roasting not only improves the smell and taste but removes toxins from the beans.

Process of Roasting Coffee

The processing of coffee involves the simple five-part process of cleaning, roasting, cooling, grinding and packaging. Roasting is actually done by putting fresh green beans into the roaster, which are vertical or horizontal rotating drums where the coffee beans are passed through hot burning gases. The temperatures are set between 370-540 degree F and the roasting time can vary from 8 to 30 minutes, depending on the type of roasting required.

This process doubles the size of the beans, its density and color. A lighter roast will give you a particular flavor of the region the coffee bean belongs to. The world's best coffee beans come from Jamaican Blue Mountain, Kenya, Hawaiian Kona and Java. Coffee beans can be roasted up to various degrees to form "Light Cinnamon Roast," "Vienna Roast," "French Roast" or "Full City Roast." Every type will have potent taste from the roasting instead of the taste of the soil they came from.

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