Samir El Aouar

Samir El Aouar

Belo Horizonte/MG, Brazil

Full stack engineer, Datagoal


I actually studied Architecture (buildings, not software), and started with web development while working on an educational game to help with learning good construction standards.

I enjoyed software development so much that after college I joined a web agency, starting as a UI developer, and eventually learned my way across the whole stack. At this point, I've been doing full stack dev for 7 years.

These days I enjoy anything involving JavaScript, especially Angular. I'm less concerned with working on something fashionable and more interested in making things that work well.

Originally I'm from Brazil, and I speak fluent Portuguese. I took away some decent drawing skills from Architecture school, and you'll always see an almost-full sketchbook on my desk full of all sorts of cartoons, ideas, and foreign creatures/worlds.

I'm also a voracious learner. I like tinkering with new frameworks to see what they can do. I read Wikipedia for fun (not kidding). I love keeping up with what's going on in astronomy, cybernetics, and any kind of futuristic tech.

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