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The drug Doxycycline is used to treat gynecological diseases: To eliminate acute uncomplicated urethritis or chlamydia, 300 mg are prescribed in the first dose, then 100 twice every 6 hours, or 100 per day to completely cure women, or 100 twice a day with a course of 7 days of ureaplasmosis in men. Complicated forms of gonorrhea require the use of 800-900 mg 6-7 times, the first of which is 300, the rest are used with an interval of 5-6 hours. According to the instructions, the treatment of syphilis involves the use of 300 mg tablets per day for a course of 10 days. For uncomplicated infections of the urethra, cervix and rectum caused by chlamydia, 100 mg is taken twice a day for a week. For infections of the male genital organs, 100 mg is prescribed twice a day for a monthly course. For the prevention of infections after abortion, 100 mg is taken one hour before surgery and 200 half an hour after.

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