Mohamed Abdelhafidh

Mohamed Abdelhafidh

Ariana, Tunisia

Full Stack Developer,


A highly knowledgeable and capable Full Stack Developer with a detailed understanding of a range of
technical, design and service topics. Able to take client requirements and convert them into feasible, high-
quality websites and web/desktop applications. Uses effective communication skills to explain information to
technical and non-technical users; meanwhile, possesses a logical approach and a key eye for detail to solve
problems and test products rigorously, ensuring their security and user-friendliness.
Worked with different Back-end and Front-end Frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel, Spring, ASP.NET, ExpressJs,
ReactJS, VueJs, Angular5 and many others...Expert in PHP and Javascript and able to deliver your web Application
secure from vulnerabilities. Currently sourcing further Web Development work.

Mohamed Abdelhafidh is a member of the community since April 2019.

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