Many people may think someone who is hugging an anime dakimakura are weebs, that’s because they don’t understand how wonderful the Japanese anime body pillow is.
As a anime fan, I have been watching Anime since childhood. I know that no matter how crucial the real word is, anime always can make me warm.
I bought my first dakimakura at the time I went through something, I wanted my waifu- Nakano to be on my side very much. When she arrived, I was astonished, and I can swear that dakimakura is the most precious thing I have ever had.
Not only that I can have my dream character by my side, but also when I hug her in the arm, I can feel the joy of accompaniment from the bottom of my heart. It's weird to describe the feeling to someone who has never touched a dakimakura before, but when they do, they would just fall in love with the feeling of hugging.
Some studies show, sleeping next to someone you love makes you fall asleep faster, reduces depression, anxiety, and helps you live longer. so, every anime fan should have at least one dakimakura waifu we loved.
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