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Once upon a time students that did not enjoy essay writing and those, who were putting it till the very last moment, loved to use essay mills. Piles of wonderful essays on any topic fascinated them and hypnotized like Aladdin’s treasure. That was then.

Today’s reality is not a fairytale for these students any more. Someone rubbed the lamp, and treasures of online essays disappeared, leaving the TurnItIn aftertaste. Now every teacher can defend himself with this vicious torture tool.
Unless you want to fail in class, online essays are not a way out for you. Let’s get things straight. Why do you use online essays?

I use online essays because I don’t know all their types and get confuse in analytical, compare and contrast, and critical essays. This is not an argument. First of all, there are hundreds of websites with essay writing tips that up to the very last word explain the process of writing these or those essays. There is a teacher who usually explains the assignment. Maybe, instead of staring at your new lipgloss you should listen to him/her more carefully?
I use online essays because I am no good in writing. Just informing: even if you do not have Golding’s talent, you still can learn to put words together, make them form some sort of an idea and do not sound clumsy while doing this. Writing is a matter of practice. Some get it sooner, some later. Online essays are not a way out of a situation, and it is more embarrassing to flunk because of an academic fraud than to get a lower grade because of lack of writer’s experience.
I use online essays because it is 2 am, and I have to turn it in first thing tomorrow morning. No comments.

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