Matthew J Martin

Matthew J Martin

San Francisco, United States

Founder, Legit Money Holdings, Ltd.


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Matthew J Martin is a member of the community since May 2008.

Projects - 9

  • bitcoin-forex

    A series of Bitcoin exchange related library components written in PHP.

  • chat-window-demo

    A sample chat window showcasing dynamic scrollbar positioning and an event-driven model.

  • lmh

    Legit Money Holdings common library files used in various Symfony Bundles

  • money-bundle

    Symfony2 Bundle wrapping common Money and Currency related needs such as integer-based math, currency codes, and money conversion.

  • monitor-event-listeners

    Monitors event listener binding and unbinding and displays a visualization as memory-leak grows.

  • rest-api

    A small set of Controller, Entity, and Exception base classes for making a JSON REST Api

  • rest-api-bundle

    A Symfony Bundle that enables the use of @Api annotation to automatically serialize return value from any controller

  • temp-convert

    A sample script to convert temperature between Fahrenheit and Celsius

  • twitter-todo

    A sample TODO application using Twitter for authentication.

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