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    Sometimes, the heavy rays from the sun an cause intense discomfort and itching. One of the best method to get rid of this is by using a window film. A window film is usually used in home windows cars etc. It act as a protection and shield from the heavy rays of the sun. One of the main advantage of this films is , they are very cheap. The main benefit of such films are they provides a cooling effect . This will protect our skin and body. It also provides an increased sense of privacy as they helps in preventing the see through. Solar films are the films that can be applied to glass doors and windows to prevent the heavy radiations from the sun. The direct heat from the sun can cause sun rashes and sun burns. So using a window film wil helps in reducing the heavy radiations from the sun. a Window film will also increases the privacy as it prevents the see through inside. A window film aslo helps in giving a cooling atmosphere inside the home. It can also be used in cars.

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