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Six Sigma Online Training Australia



We provide the best in-house and online Lean Six Sigma training and certification services in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide Australia.

Your Lean Six Sigma Belt certification will be recognized industry wide! Earning your certification from the Lean Sigma Experts Australia means you have successfully demonstrated mastery of the Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge (BOK) consistent with all industry recognized certification providers. Our content and body of knowledge is aligned to IASSC (International Association of Six Sigma Certification) & CSSC (Council for Six Sigma Certification).

Best Six Sigma training by Lean Sigma Experts Australia. Together with our partners we are proud to offer a wide variety of Best Six Sigma training, Lean, Quality and Problem Solving Skills Training and Consultancy programmes. Our trainers have decades of experience delivering these courses and projects throughout the world.

Courses are delivered by certified consultants who have spent years in a wide variety of industries, solving real-life problems faced by organisations, both in manufacturing and service industries. By combining theories, lectures, case studies, exercises, games and workshops, we guarantee that our courses are dynamic.

We are able to customize them according to your respective needs, regardless of what field of business your organization is in. Our best Six Sigma training can be used by companies who are looking for ways to optimise operational costs in order to stay competitive. It can be applied in any organisation whether in a manufacturing or service industry.

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