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Olaolu Akinsete is a member of the community since March 2017.

Projects - 22

  • Day2Dev

    Working with Reactjs and Redux

  • elixir

    Base project for Microservices practicing extensible DDD,BDD and TDD, using AWS EC2 deployed -kubernetes, docker, docker compose, travis, kafka, cassandra, golang, shell, makefile, reactjs,Symfony PHP and hopefully Java Spring MVC. Where possible, LTS versions of all tools would be used, stating when they need to be reviewed.

  • eventDispatch277

    Playing with the Symfony PHP event driven development which wen coupled with DDD (Domain driven Development, provides for ease of extensibility abd scalability.

  • mbs

    A project with kubernetes and docker, nginx and reactjs

  • my_card_widgets2.8

    Front end rendering for symfony controller responses

  • spring_playlist

    Extracts media file locations from a volume and auto generates an cinergy-formatted xml playlist based on certain rules

  • TestDrag

    A reactjs project to practice drag and drop

  • testing-e2e

    One of the submodules of the elixir project. It is setup as a microservice.

  • webwork

    Project in Spring Java MVC

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