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Make the summer much more gorgeous with authentic Jaipuri suits. Showcase the best of Rajasthani culture through your attire. The world knows Jaipur as the city of art, culture and heritage and it is equally reflected in the garments of the place. Jaipuri printed cotton suits and Jaipuri printed cotton sarees are among the best attires to adapt during this summer.

Jaipuri block prints and designer work can create an enchanting look. It features the age old traditional and mesmerizing art form in the most concurrent way. The Jaipuri prints on cotton suits and sarees uphold the ancient legacy of the Rajasthani art work. These prints and weaves are quite rare today and it is utmost necessary to keep this enchanting culture alive.

The prints, patterns and designs seem to speak a story of their own and never fails to amaze us. The base fabric is mostly cotton handloom. The bandhni, lehria, Bagru prints are the authentic Jaipuri prints which seem to create beautiful effects in the sarees and suits.

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