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Morn offer all kinds of Spider and handrail hardware made of SUS304, SUS316 for your projects.products including stair handrails,balcony systems,balcony fences,point supported facade spider,point support facade systems,glass panel railing system,frameless glass system,modular railing system,handrail and bracket system,spider fittings,point supported glass system,point supported glass curtain wall system,spider system hardware,spider fitting series,spider glazing,spider fixings ,structural glass wall,tension rod spider,spider glazing curtain wall,spider glazing systems,morn strive to be your best hardware supplier,shower rooms in China.
Pointed Supported Glass Facade Spider Fittings:
SUS304/316 made glass wall spider fittings are widely used in point supported glass curtain wall-Tempered glass/Laminated glass wall,glass canopy,structural glass projects.
Pointed supported glass facade is a modern solution for facade bolted glass/glass fin assemblies, which secures the glazing to a support structure by means of point-fixings.
The high-performance stainless steel(SUS304/SUS316) fixings are designed to absorb all static and dynamic loads (i.e. the glass weight, wind load, snow loads,live load and different expansion due to temperature difference) and distribute them to the support structure.
Product classifications:End tension rod series,rib connecting series,cable net series.
For more info,please contact us:[email protected]
Railing systems
Railing is widely used  in glass staircase,glass balustrade,glass fences,glass balcony,pool fences, we offer various stainless steel posts,handrails,brackets,aluminium shoes to fit different design requirement.
Glass railing system:Covering SUS posts,SUS handrails,glass clamps,base plate,anchors.
Frameless glass railing system:
By aluminium base shoes ,or glass base,frameless glass railing system is available to achieve simple and elegant appearance.The glass can also been fixed on wall panels to make glass balustrade for shopping malls,balcony application.
Modular railing system
Despite glass,Morn also offer horizontal tubes or bars,stainless steel mesh to suit different applications where glass is not suitable or outdoor applications.
Bathroom Fitting
Shower room hardware is used to join shower door panels to make different bathrooms.
Bathroom fitting classification:
Bathroom Hinges/Shower cla

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