Ítalo Lelis de Vietro

Ítalo Lelis de Vietro

Berlin, Germany

Head of Engineering, Hello Fresh


I've worked with kinds of technologies and one of my favorite things is to study new ones and understand how can I use it to solve a problem. For me software development is a way of living, we can build amazing stuffs with well tested and properly designed applications, that's why I really love what I do.

Open source technologies are my kind of thing: most of my work has been creating PHP libraries that can help other developers. I did a lot of work with a lot of Javascript (Node.js), have worked with the .NET plataform and, for some tasks, Python and Ruby.

By the way I like to dive into DevOps too, create a good deployment process (Capistrano rocks), run Docker in a AWS environment, configure vagrant machines and so on.

Ítalo Lelis de Vietro is a member of the community since November 2012.

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