Sylvia Simonetti

Sylvia Simonetti

Los Angeles, United States

Project Manager, Self Incorporated, Inc.


I am happy, courageous, and tenacious woman--who happens to be a full-stack developer. Four "dev" things about me:

1- I gravitate towards the "appeal of authority" of "development thought leaders" when it comes to development matters/patterns/direction/advise for back-end business applications.

2- But, when it comes to consumer experience on the front-end layer of applications, I defy "the authority appeal" and I will break from the "norms" to give end users the best and fastest experience possible.

3- Knowing when when to choose number one from number, makes me different.

4- Meta programing (for maintainability) the code generation to accomplish number 2 is what makes me special! ;)

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