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How to save bees, Hplcco organization is help to protect bees & butterfly in Colorado.save bees save food. Donate Today to Support Our Mission - hplco.org
Learn why honey bees are in trouble and how you can help. We will be helping give bees a safe home. Help us to protect save bees in USA. DONATE land for bees’ charity. Call us: Phone : +1-970-520-6571 / 970-854-3390. Visit us: HPLCCO.ORG

How to save bees - hplcco
1. Plant bee-friendly flowers and flowering herbs in your garden and yard. ...
2. Weeds can be a good thing. ...
3. Don't use chemicals and pesticides to treat your lawn or garden. ...
4. Buy local, raw honey. ...
5. Bees are thirsty.
Being human save bees - All donations are tax-exempted. Visit us -.hplcco.org/planting-pollinators-help-save-bees-butterflies/

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