Brian Corrigan

Brian Corrigan

Saratoga Springs, NY, United States

Engineer, MadGlory Interactive


I have nearly two decades of experience building, architecting, and operating large software properties in the entertainment space. After interacting with hundreds of millions of players, earning billions of dollars in revenue and managing all kinds of different people I still love nothing more than creating cool things with like-minded people.

I speak a bit. I write a bit. I code a lot. I'm passionate about high-performance teams and talented individuals, I dislike needless bureaucracy.

I love designing. I love shipping products. I have a team for hire!

Need a hand? How can I help?

Specialties: Javascript & NodeJS, Ruby & Ruby on Rails, PHP, Multi-Million User Web Properties, Leading Software Teams, Systems Architecture, Data Center Operations, Open Source Evangelist, Database Development, *Nix, Microsoft Server Stack

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