Geert van Dort

Geert van Dort

Gent, Belgium

Web developer, XIO


Ever since I started university I was drawn towards programming. The structured and logical way of thinking was a perfect fit for my brain. At first I was focussed on Software Development but after my internship at CARET my interest for the web sparked. It took me a while to give Drupal a try, at first I always wanted to write things from scratch. But after I tried Drupal it was love at first sight. I love how Drupal is build, the flexibility you have as a developer is truly phenomenal, the ability to use other modules’s hooks, to overwrite any template and since Drupal 7 and beyond the growing flexibility of entities. I’m very proud to be a contributing member of the Drupal community.

Geert van Dort is a member of the community since October 2014.

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