Florian Eckerstorfer

Florian Eckerstorfer

Vienna, Austria



My mind races with all my longings.

Florian Eckerstorfer is a member of the community since February 2012.

Projects - 26

  • 4sqtokml

    Command Line Tool written in PHP to export all Foursquare checkins into a KML file.

  • applescripts

    Collection of AppleScripts

  • applications

    Various AppleScript Applications

  • Autoloader

    A simple PHP autoloader class.

  • boil

    Boil is a Shell Script to create projects with HTML5 Boilerplate, Sass and Compass.

  • CocurPHP.tmbundle

    Zen coding for PHP

  • disable-snapengage.safariextension

    Disables SnapEngage scripts on every website.

  • Dispatcher

    Simple request dispatcher written in PHP.

  • expexp

    A library to expand expressions, that are similar to regular expressions.

  • fetchfile

    Fetch File makes it easy to download libraries you require very often directly from the command line.

  • focusontheuser-safari

    Focus on the User is a Bookmarklet that replaces Google+ results on Google with more relevant profiles. This is a Safari extension to automatically load Focus on the User when opening Google.

  • HTTPClient

    HTTP Client written in PHP.

  • HttpEcho

    A simple web service that returns the request. It is useful to debug requests.

  • Joy

    A PHP 5.3 class library.

  • JoyPHP

    PHP classes.

  • Loveboard

    Real time dashboard for likes and +1s.

  • php-sass-wrapper

    A PHP wrapper for Sass.

  • SecretSanta

    Command line tool written in PHP to generate Secret Santas for a group of persons.

  • Snaphe

    A PHP library to extract data from web sites.

  • sublime-php

    PHP Package for Sublime Text 2

  • sublime-phpunit

    PHPUnit Package for Sublime Text 2

  • tld-data

    Data required for running a WHOIS service.

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