The Farty App unfolds as follows. Every user starts with a 'gift' of 20 bananas, which fuel 10 farts [akin to broadcast messages], used to locate other users near you. Users then send each other requests, which if accepted, can be used to further a friendly conversation.
Top 5 attractive advantages of Farty:
1. The application is absolutely free, with no known hidden costs.
2. A relatively small file size [18 MB] means that it neither takes elephantine eons to download nor occupies obscenely opulent amounts of storage space on your device.
3. Post downloading and installation, it only requires your user-name and sex; eliminating the need for further intrusive information such as phone numbers and email IDs.
4. Once you start using the application, you can invite your friends to join you; using WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; or simply share it on the platform of your choice.
5. The application; has a relatively smooth user-interface [anyone can use it, from college teens to working professionals], does not over-heat the device and allows users an excellent experience, performance-wise, with little to no lagging.
VERDICT: The Farty App shows promise, offering a safe, swift and streamlined way to chat, interact and socialize with strangers.

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