Marrakech, Morocco

FullStack Web Developer, Engineering Inside


FullStack Web Developer PHP(Symfony/Laravel) & JavaScript (Angular/NodeJs) @ https://www.farouk.pw

FAROUK BLALOU is a member of the community since March 2015.

Projects - 6

  • hf-shops-angular

    Angular Shops app

  • hf-shops-api

    Shops Symfony API

  • html-bootstrap-compass-boilerplate

    An Html, Bootstrap 3 & Sass/Compass Boilerplate to star a clean and organized project (Inspired by Smacss & Initializr)

  • sadaka

    Free charity / non-profit responsive Bootstrap 3/HTML5 template

  • venjo

    An old Bootstrap 3 template that I was selling, I decided to put it on my github for free

  • wp-om-cars-rent

    WordPress plugin : Easy to use and customise car rental system

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