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David Sanchez

David Sanchez

Montreal, Canada

Symfony Developer, Nventive


I contribute and develops open-source PHP5 and PHP7 projects with good quality and full documented code as well.

David Sanchez is a member of the community since February 2018.

Projects - 3

  • Dwoo

    Dwoo is a PHP5/PHP7 Template Engine that was started in early 2008. The idea came from the fact that Smarty, a well known template engine, is getting older and older. It carries the weight of it's age, having old features that are inconsistent compared to newer ones, being written for PHP4 its Object Oriented aspect doesn't take advantage of PHP5's more advanced features in the area, etc. Hence Dwoo was born, hoping to provide a more up to date and stronger engine. So far it has proven to be faster than Smarty in many areas, and it provides a compatibility layer to allow developers that have been using Smarty for years to switch their application over to Dwoo progressively.

  • HarmonyCMS

    HarmonyCMS is an open-source content management platform based on the Symfony 4.

  • PHP7 Client & WebHook wrapper for GitHub API v3

    This is a simple Object Oriented wrapper for GitHub API v3, written with PHP7. This library works with cURL and provides all documented functionality as described in the official documentation including Client and WebHooks.

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