David Jegat

David Jegat

Clermont Ferrand, France

Cooking some code, My self ...


Hi ! What's about me ? So, i'm a chief, not a master chief but a simple cooking chief. Do you wan't to see my recipes ? Well, visit my Github restaurant ;) !

David Jegat is a member of the community since February 2013.

Projects - 12

  • AdminBundle

    Hy ! New version for the simple admin bundle called "BeltonSimpleAdmin". Nice design, responsive, nice widgets (jCrop, ckeditor and many more ...) !

  • AsseticMinifierBundle

    An assetic minifier in pure PHP for CSS and JS files. From the jrobeson/assetic-minifier

  • Belton

    Belton is a php5 framework for any kind of programmers and any kind of projects. Belton is simple and fast

  • Belton-old

    Belton2 is a complete php framework for professional or for simply complexed web coders that really want's clean coding !

  • Belton-python

    Belton application engine for python. It also provide the shell environment and HTTP for python project !

  • CMASBundle

    A simple Content Management and Admin System Bundle for Symfony2. It provides cool features like : responsive design, wysiwyg editor, image croping and many more !

  • CVBundle

    Hey, this is my CV bundle. You can check and fork this code if you want it.

  • HelloWorl

    Just a simple hello world

  • JImportBundle

    An assetic filter fo javascripts file that allow you to import client javascripts

  • JOMM

    Javascript Object Module Manager

  • SimpleAdminBundle

    This is a simple administration bundle with some cool features : responsive design, image crop, video and a customable interface.

  • Test

    Simple test with github

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