Decebal Dobrica

Decebal Dobrica

Bucharest, Romania

Programmer, Decebal G. Dobrica PFA


I had my first contact with a professional team as an Intern at in 2010, designing test patterns in python for their Naaya software platform.

I was previously employed as a PHP WebDeveloper at, where i went throught all levels from technical support to r&d, I worked there for 2 years between 11 october 2010 and 5 october 2012.

I enjoy working with javascript frameworks especially jQuery. I have some knowledge of Python, C#, but i currently work on PHP. I'm used with object oriented work. My database knowledge is specific to MySql. I love trying new technologies that i have not used before and learning new things, this keeps me motivated at all times.

I enjoy working in teams, some troubles with terms that are not ran throught me.

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