Jerry Criner

Jerry Criner

Hutchinson, United States



I am a Singer Songwriter first I have toured and I have releases of my music out and in puma training videos and a release of mine called No Man in the movie Hes On My mind.
I am in to online marketing and Affiliate Marketing. I want the time to be with family and be able to tour and record future CD releases. I would like to promote my digital label and other artist. Give them a way to be able to do the same as I. I have done work shops for public schools and work shops at public library's for the public for free. I have a very different style of playing Guitar lead and I cord different than most guitar players. I would like to host a online work shop to help start the release of the ebook and learn guitar with Jerry website Where I came in with some live guitar training also. I am also a hand drummer and Congo Bongo all hand drumming . so I would put that in as a Bonus. Well that is all for now. I will Blog some more . Hope all of of you have a wonderful day.

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