Abdelaziz Khabthani

Abdelaziz Khabthani

Ariana, Tunisia

Software Engineer, IP-TECH Group


Software engineer, Alfresco/Java developer and a graphic design enthusiast from Tunisia.

Abdelaziz Khabthani is a member of the community since January 2014.

Projects - 19

  • abdelaziz-khabthani.github.io

    Abdelaziz Khabthani's Personal Website.

  • arduino-DS1821-logger

    A simple Arduino SD card datalogger using the DS1821 temperature sensor, and a generic SD card reader.

  • colocTn-Flatshare

    Flat-Share and Flat-mate web application for students, using Symfony Framework, Bootstrap and Google Maps API.

  • Ddos-java

    Simple Ddos Script in Java

  • formio.js

    JavaScript powered forms and SDK for https://form.io

  • forward-chaining-expert-system_javafx

    Simple AI forward chaining expert system, using Java8 and JavaFX.

  • image-processing-matlab

    Image processing application using MATLAB

  • medic-sql

    An SQL database for a medical office.

  • moozika

    A radio like web application, that stream random songs to end users, made with Laravel framework and X-Sendfile HTTP protocole.

  • ng-live-chat

    Real time chat application using Angular 2 and Firebase.

  • openshift-springBoot

    Ready to plug Openshift 2 Spring boot cartridge (data JPA and MySql, Web, security)

  • project-manager-javaEE

    Project Management System using Spring Framework (Core, Security, ORM), JSF with Primefaces and Hibernate ORM.

  • roms-basic

    ROMS Project is a simple, yet so helpful, tool to share my ROMS collection with my friends.

  • soap-php

    SOAP PHP application using the bottom-up and the top-down approachs.

  • spotify-dl

    Simple hack to download your Spotify's saved tracks.

  • spring-rest

    An experimental RESTful API based on the 3rd level of the Richardson Maturity Model.

  • symfony3-swift

    SwiftMailer with symfony demo

  • zooManager-swing

    Simple desktop application built with Java8 and Swing.

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