Benjamin CLERC

Benjamin CLERC

Montpellier, France

Project Manager, Mind and Go


After a 2 years in IT school, I ran a Web agency in Lyon for 4 years, mostly focused on web projects and communication.

Then I took a break to walk the world and had a blast travelling and working around Europe and USA for about 2 years.

I now live in Montpellier, in south of France, where I work as Teacher/Project Manager with a small company. My skills now include PHP, Java, C++ among others language, and many development and project management tools.

I am more and more focused into Symfony2 framework, and my short-term goal is to get a SensioLab certification, sometimes this year.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions, if you want to give me some advises or if you want to share a beer in Montpellier to talk about your project, symfony or life.



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