Antony Thorpe

Antony Thorpe

New Zealand


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Antony Thorpe is a member of the community since January 2016.

Projects - 7

  • knockout-validation-bootstrap-tooltip

    Knockout-Validation error messages displayed using a Bootstrap 3 Tooltip. This is a replacement for the autogenerated spans.

  • omnipay-swipehq

    Swipehq driver for the Omnipay payment processing library version 1.1

  • silvershop-bankdeposit

    A Silvershop submodule that adds bank deposit as a Payment Method

  • silvershop-jsonresponse

    Silvershop submodule that provides JSON responses for cart updates

  • silvershop-productmodel

    Silvershop submodule that provides product model management under ProductCategory pages

  • silverstripe-knockout-forms

    Provides an enhanced UX for Silverstripe forms using the Knockout MVVM JavaScript library plus an associated validation plugin

  • ssBootstrap3

    Bootstrap 3 / HTML5 Boilerplate theme for Silverstripe 3 (with Less for CSS and Bower for library updates)

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